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You Get a Lot with our Basic (Free) Plan

Our goal is to make effective SEL as accessible as possible. So we're offering tons of free features to help educators, counselors, and parents do more without paying more. As a result, there's lots to love about the Basic (and free) THTV plan! Just by signing up you get access to:

  • The entire THTV catalog of over 60 media titles across Netflix, Disney+ and Peacock. See available titles.

  • Introductory training modules for all age levels. These modules enable learners to build foundational skills like perspective-taking, emotion granularity, and media comprehension while watching their favorite content. (Get full access to our CASEL-aligned training programs with paid plans.)

  • Our 'Infinite Ongoing Practice' feature. This lets learners continue to hone their skills with new content forever. 

  • Custom prompt creation. Want to use THTV with titles we don't yet support? No problem! You can bookmark moments in ANY title on Netflix, Disney+ and Peacock, and add your own custom prompts. Learn more.

  • Curated emotion media search. Want to find clips showcasing specific emotions or social concepts? Now there's THTV's free curated media search: search thousands of emotional moments across all supported streaming services. Save them, annotate them, and use them in your lessons. Learn more.

Say goodbye to passive media consumption! With ThinkHumanTV, virtually any movie or show can become an emotional skill-building experience. 

Schedule a free consultation to see how ThinkHumanTV can enhance your organization's social-emotional programming. Or get in touch with us via email.

You may also want to check the Professional Development page for information on our courses and workshops.

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