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Curious boy from Luca movie
Disgusted girl from Inside Out
Smiling girl from Netflix show
Old man from Up animated movie
Girl in science lab from TV
Two girl friends from Never Have I Ever
Characters from Monsters Inc
Eleven from Stranger Things
Rat from Ratatouille
Surprised Ariel from Little Mermaids
Angry character from Inside Out
Sneaky character from Avatar Airbender
Girl in class from Never Have I Ever
Two characters in love from The Office
A smiling Moana
Two heroes from Guardians Of the Galaxy
Smiling Character from Turning Red
Marriage scene from UP movie
Happy dog from UP movie
Character from The Office looking up
Dancing couple from Tangled
Surprised boy from Ratatouille
Concerned girl from Never Have I Ever
Emotional group from animated show
Overly emotional kids from Turning Red movie
Happy characters from The Little Mermaid
A concerned Sabrina Spellman
Hercules shining gold
Hugging familiy from Moana
Animal police officer from Zootopia
Happy goddess of Moana
Cute little girl from Turning Red
Angry character from Avatar movie
Happy Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Wise grandmother from Coco
Emotional kids from Turning Red
Pensive Ashoka from Star Wars
Princess and Hans Solo from Star Wars
Happy Princess of Genovia
C3P0 from Star Wars
Singing Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Determined hero from Brave
Happy characters of Fairly OddParents
Smiling family from Encanto movie
Princess from Frozen movie
Happy characters from Toy Story flying in sky
Emotional kids from Avatar cartoon
Smiling live-action Aladdin
Pensive Ashoka character
Handsome guy from Tangled
Ariel from live-action Little Mermaid

ThinkHumanTV integrates with your favorite movies and tv, offering in-the-moment emotional skills practice that resembles real life.

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Developed by cognitive scientists, ThinkHuman offers “infinite” in-the-moment emotional skills practice across a diverse content library


Learners reflect on the emotional cues of their favorite characters, including faces, posture, and tone of voice

real-world skill transfer

Multiple studies show ThinkHumanTV significantly improves emotion regulation and self-confidence

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We are cognitive scientists, emotion specialists, and education advocates offering a revolutionary new way to boost emotional and wellness skills.

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