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Professional Development

ThinkHumanTV offers SEL-focused professional development led by emotion science experts to schools and other institutions. This includes standalone workshops as well as multi-session courses.

2 Hour Emotion Science Basics Workshop - $400

An activity-driven workshop covering essential emotion science concepts. Designed to support  educators' emotional competence and improve the quality of any SEL initiatives. A modified version of the workshop can also be delivered to students. No participant limit.

8 hour (4 session) Emotion Science Course - $200 per person

A 4-session course based on the popular Columbia Teachers College graduate class developed by the ThinkHumanTV cofounders, Mel Cesarano and Ilya Lyashevsky. The course provides more extensive coverage of essential emotion science and its application in the classroom. Participants receive a 1 year subscription to ThinkHumanTV as well as Level 1 & 2 EQ certification. From 5 to 25 participants. 

EQ Level 1 Certification (Self-study) - Starting from $39

ThinkHumanTV enables users to earn EQ (like IQ but for emotional intelligence) certifications. EQ Level 1 certification can be earned directly through the platform. Learn more.

Please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

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