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Ilya Lyashevsky, PhDFounder & CEO

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Melissa Cesarano, PhDFounder & President

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Mercer CookEditorial

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Emily CandauxCurriculum

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Juan Felipe RendonCreative

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            Ilya & Mel

Movies and TV have the power to reflect our human condition with such emotional force.  As cognitive scientists specializing in emotion, we know our feelings can be studied both subjectively and objectively.

It turns out science and storytelling are perfectly compatible vehicles for understanding consciousness – and when you combine them, well, magic happens!

Mel & Ilya
on the motivation behind
founding ThinkHumanTV

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Ilya, our smiling founder, wearing glassesMel, our smiling founder, with her hand outstretched

As leaders in the field of emotion science, founders Mel & Ilya have spent decades building the foundation for ThinkHumanTV in the world’s leading educational and professional institutions. They are both ivy-league trained scientists, storytellers, professors, and National Science Foundation grant winners.


did you


Ilya (he/him)

Mel (she/her)

Terminator 2
(& as a father,
all pixar films!)

(& a24’s entire filmography)

co-founded tech  
nonprofit to alleviate

performed improv & sketch comedy for almost 15 years

creative fiction writer (published!)

yoga & aerial silks artist, poetry writer

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Did you know...

Our founders also co-created the nation’s first graduate course on the cognition of Social Emotional Learning, which they currently teach at Columbia University.

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Our board of advisors

George Cigale
President, Littera Education,
Previously Founder

Susan Fuhrman, PhD
President Emerita
at Teachers College,
Columbia University

Jo Schneier
CEO of,
3x founder

Richard Lane, MD, PhD
Prof. of Psychiatry,
Psychology & Neuroscience,
U of Arizona

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