Combining unparalleled scientific rigor with the best of Hollywood, and cultural responsiveness with precise skill assessment,  ThinkHuman.tv represents a true leap forward  in social emotional education technology. 

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Meet Students Where They Are

What can we learn from the aspiring jazz musician in Pixar’s “Soul?” Or the struggles of the young chess prodigy in “The Queen’s Gambit?”


ThinkHuman.tv is the first and only platform that meets young people where they are by integrating directly with must-see movies and series to deliver SEL training.

Unlock Media’s Emotional Layer 

Popular media is ideal for emotional skill-building.


ThinkHuman.tv uses such media to boost socio-emotional skills by giving viewers the chance to:

Reflect on
what they saw

Get explicit emotion
from the implicit
messages in the narrative

Practice what
they’ve learned

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An Integrated, Interactive Experience

By integrating directly with the media experience, ThinkHuman.tv can effectively foster skills like reflection and perspective-taking by enabling viewers to apply those skills IN THE MOMENT.

Learning Focused on 
Emotion Science

ThinkHuman.tv’s CASEL-aligned curriculum 
(25 concepts and 15 core skills) designed by SEL experts from Columbia University helps learners understand fundamental emotion science principles such as appraisal, which
supports deep learning and the transfer of emotion knowledge and skills to new situations.

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A Practice Driven 

Skill-building requires practice. This is as true of social and emotional skills as of sports, art, or science. 

ThinkHuman.tv offers a way to consistently practice fundamental skills like reflection, perspective-taking, and cognitive empathy while spending time with one’s favorite characters.

Insight into Learners’ Socio-Emotional Skills

Its innovative, practice-based training methodology enables ThinkHuman.tv to provide detailed analytics of learners’ progress and performance on core SEL skills like social awareness and self-regulation.

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An Evidence Based Solution

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A Growing, Diverse, and Culturally Responsive Library

By leveraging the extensive selection of titles available on streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+, ThinkHuman training can be truly culturally responsive, ensuring that all students can find content with which they can authentically engage. 

Jane the Virgin

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Dear White People




Sex Education


Never Have
I Ever

Schitt's Creek

When They See Us

The Incredibles

Black Mirror

The Avengers

Cobra Kai

Stranger Things

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Freedom of Choice
for Learners

An EQ Certification
a College Resume

  • Research shows that with greater choice comes greater motivation

  • ThinkHuman.tv allows learners to watch any supported content in any order while seamlessly progressing through an emotion science training program

ThinkHuman.tv allows learners to earn an EQ certification, which can augment a college resume as educational institutions are increasingly looking for socially aware and competent students.

What Learners, Parents, & Educators are Saying

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I think the use of TV shows is very effective! I did enjoy using the tv shows to analyze characters' relationships.

- Chimene, 17, high school student

I'm excited about the potentiality [ThinkHuman]
offers in developing emotional literacy for 
young people. 

- Joe R., Parent and HS Assistant Principal


of parents wanted a service like ThinkHuman to be available to

their kids’ 


of parents felt use of ThinkHuman would help alleviate screen time concerns

Suitable for Diverse School Contexts

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ThinkHuman.tv can be used in reverse classroom mode, with students completing training units at home, or utilized in the classroom for individual or group activities. 


Easily integrated into:

  • Homeroom

  • ELA/Social Studies classrooms

  • Health/Wellness class

  • Spirituality/Religion class

  • Guidance counseling