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Not Your Average Social Emotional Program

ThinkhumanTV combines the best of Hollywood with breakthrough technology, the latest learning and emotion science, and precise performance measurement to deliver a truly unique and effective learning experience designed for ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL students. See how to get started.

Social-emotional and character development that’s truly engaging

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Most educators are committed to fostering their students’ social-emotion and character development. Yet this is no easy task. Leveraging diverse, popular streaming media that students love and relate to, combined with interactive training, makes ThinkHumanTV unique in its ability to keep learners genuinely engaged. This translates to better social emotional learning outcomes associated with improved classroom climate, academics, and student psychological health.

A focus on 
the scientific understanding of emotions

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Research shows that prescriptive approaches to emotional and character development tend not to be effective, especially for older learners like adolescents and young adults. ThinkHumanTV focuses instead on learning and applying fundamental psychological principles that govern our emotions. This gives learners a more accurate ‘mental model’ of emotions as well as a language for describing their emotional experiences, supporting key, CASEL-aligned SE skills like empathy and self-regulation. Learn more.


A flexible solution for diverse educational needs

ThinkHumanTV is designed for maximum flexibility in the K12 context. It can be used in the classroom or for remote learning, and either individually or in groups. Educators can choose to go through ThinkHumanTV modules during class, or they can assign ThinkHumanTV as homework and then engage in discussions and activities with support from the ThinkHumanTV practitioner guide. Educators can even create their own prompts for students in titles ThinkHumanTV doesn’t yet support. Learn more about how to get started using ThinkHumanTV in the classroom.

Detailed performance measurement

ThinkHumanTV provides detailed insights into learners’ progress and performance, giving educators an unprecedented ability to assess various aspects of students’ skills within the CASEL social emotional learning framework including social awareness and emotion regulation. 

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Infinite, varied practice

Sufficiently varied practice is essential for skill mastery. This is why ThinkHumanTV was built not as a static curriculum but as a dynamic platform designed for continuous use. As our library of movies and shows keeps growing, learners can continue to practice their knowledge and skills with new age-appropriate content as they advance on their academic journey, allowing for consistent improvement and deep learning.

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Developed by emotion science experts

ThinkHumanTV was designed and built with support from the National Science Foundation by cognitive scientists from Columbia, Stanford and UPenn based on decades of research in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and learning and emotion science. Multiple studies showed that 2 weeks of using the platform led to significant improvement in emotion management and emotional self-efficacy (i.e. confidence in the ability to regulate one’s emotions). Learn more.

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