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Summer School with ThinkHumanTV

ThinkHumanTV makes a fun and effective addition to any summer school or after school program. Our evidence-based platform helps students improve their social-emotional skills while watching their favorite movies and TV shows. Engaging, easy-to-use activities appear on screen right as you watch Netflix or Disney+. 












Whether you’re a high-school teacher looking to incorporate a weekly social-emotional learning session into your schedule, or a lower-school teacher looking for daily SEL activities, ThinkHumanTV has something for you! 


Here’s a short video to give you a sense of how ThinkHumanTV works. And here is the full list of the titles we currently support.

Note that we offer shortened curricula for summer programs to make it easier to integrate ThinkHumanTV into a the shorter summer timeline. 


How To Get Started


Getting started with ThinkHumanTV is as easy as creating an account. You can even start using the program for free. To get best use of the program, we recommend scheduling a free demo with our team.  


You can also make use of the videos and articles below to setup your account and get started with our science-based SEL training. 



If you have more questions, check out some of the articles on our FAQ page.


Why ThinkHumanTV?


ThinkHumanTV has been shown to increase students’ emotional confidence and ability to regulate their emotions. Our program was developed by Ivy League cognitive scientists, and we have had the honor of working and/or partnering with organizations like the Jed Foundation, the NYC Department of Education, and the National Science Foundation. Learn more.

Summer Learning Isn't Just For Students

In addition to offering several summer school curricula for students, we're also proud to offer a variety of professional development opportunities for educators. If you want to feel more confident delivering SEL to students and/or want to develop a deeper understanding of emotion science, we can help! Check out our professional development page to learn more.

Enjoy a Summer Discount!


You can start using ThinkHumanTV for free! If you decide to upgrade, you’re eligible for a special summer discount (see Pricing). Got questions? Feel free to reach out to us and schedule a demo

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