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EQ Certification

ThinkHumanTV enables users to earn EQ (like IQ but for emotional intelligence) certifications.


Having an EQ certification is a valuable addition to any professional resume or college application, as employers and universities are increasingly looking for socially aware and competent employees and students.

The certification is based on the Deep Emotion Learning (DEL) methodology developed by cognitive scientists at Columbia. Learn more about the methodology here.


An EQ certification may be especially valuable for:

- educators

- students planning to seek admission to graduate programs in education, communications or psychology-related fields

- those working or looking to work in the service sector

- those who need to work effectively as part of a team, particularly those in HR and management roles

The best part? Earning the ThinkHumanTV certification is easy -- you can do it in just a few minutes a day over the course of several days while watching some of the best content on Netflix, Disney+ and Peacock.

Ready to try ThinkHumanTV? Click below to sign up for free.

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