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A Methodology Rooted in
Emotion Science Fundamentals

The training methodology behind ThinkHumanTV was developed based on decades of psychology, neuroscience, and learning research. Called Deep Emotion Learning (DEL), the methodology focuses on enhancing the two fundamental building blocks of social and emotional competence: 

1) emotion knowledge and 

2) a habit of reflection.

Research indicates that emotion knowledge is foundational to skills like emotional flexibility, regulation and empathy, and serves as a protective factor against stress, anxiety, and depression. ThinkHumanTV enhances emotion knowledge by helping users understand fundamental psychological principles that govern our emotions, such as situational appraisal. And it helps cement that knowledge through engaging practice done while watching some of today's best movies and shows.


Habit of Reflection

Reflecting on one’s own and others’ emotional states is a critical first step toward self-awareness and purposeful emotion management. Coupled with emotion knowledge, it is the foundation of what is variably called Emotional Intelligence, EQ, or soft or interpersonal skills. ThinkHumanTV helps develop a habit of reflection through the ongoing practice of reflecting on the emotional experiences of some of our favorite characters.

Two recent studies have offered evidence for the efficacy of the platform. A study involving graduate students (N=46) resulted in significant improvement in emotion regulation strategy use whereby participants relied less on suppression compared to a control*. The preliminary results of a second study involving community college students (N=40) indicated a significant increase in emotional self-efficacy (i.e. confidence in regulating one's emotions) following ThinkHumanTV training**.

Evidence of Efficacy

*Lyashevsky, I. A. & Cesarano, M. (2022). Assessing the Efficacy of the Affectifi Online Platform for Emotional Skill Development. Study results presented at the Association for Psychological Science conference. Chicago, IL. 5/26/22-5/29/22. 

**Lyashevsky, I. A. & Cesarano, M. (2022). Building Social Emotional Skills with the Power of Hollywood. In preparation.

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