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What are the Benefits of a Paid Facilitator Plan?

A Standard Facilitator plan offers many features and benefits including:

  • Access to the full CASEL-aligned social emotional learning training programs: programs are designed for elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. The full programs enable the development of a deeper understanding of emotions based on established emotion science, as well as building associated skills such as understanding emotion causes, and acquiring emotion regulation strategies. See details of a sample high school program.

  • Personal onboarding and support: get set up with the platform with help from ThinkHumanTV staff.

  • On-demand media preparation: let us know if you're planning to watch a title in the near future, and we'll prep it for you. 

  • Discounted streaming accounts: educators who need access to a streaming account (Netflix, Disney+, or Peacock) can get a discounted subscription.


An Premium plan further includes:

  • 25 learner licenses: enables learners to have full access to the platform and to be automatically added to your class/group.

  • EQ certification: available to learners of high school age and above. Learn more.

  • Access to individual and aggregate learner analytics for your class(es)/group(s).

  • Auto-share bookmarks in ANY title with learner: enables custom educational experiences using your own prompts. Learn more.

Use the links below to upgrade your account, view additional pricing details, get in touch with us, or schedule a demo to learn more. You can also check out the FAQ. the Getting started pages.

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