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Not Your Average Student Wellness Platform

ThinkhumanTV combines the best of Hollywood with breakthrough technology, the latest learning and emotion science, and rigorous evaluation to deliver a truly unique and effective experience that translates into real benefits for students.

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Preventing mental health crises by meeting students where they are

A typical college student spends an average of 1-2 hours a day watching streaming content online, while facing a slew of academic and social pressures that can contribute to anxiety, depression, substance misuse, dropping out, and even suicide. ThinkHumanTV meets students where they are -- on major streaming sites -- and works as a preventative wellness solution, helping bolster skills like self-awareness and emotion management that reduce the likelihood of a mental health crisis, function as a protective factor in relation to substance misuse, and increase the likelihood of graduation.

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Improving outcomes by reducing stigma

Students are often reluctant to seek psychological support due to the stigma associated with mental health issues. Similarly, many remain resistant to alternative wellness solutions like meditation. By leveraging popular Hollywood content on major streaming sites and focusing on scientific concepts in its training, ThinkHumanTV avoids many of the psychological barriers associated with other wellness modalities, leading to higher engagement.

Supporting the work of campus counselors

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Campus counseling services are often under-resourced and have limited bandwidth to support students. ThinkHumanTV makes counselors’ jobs easier by providing students with foundational emotion knowledge so that those seeking help aren’t starting from ‘zero’ in their work with a clinician. Counselors can also assign ThinkHumanTV as ‘homework’ to complement one-on-one sessions.


EQ certification

ThinkHumanTV helps students build a foundation of emotional knowledge and skills that make them more adaptive and resilient in meeting emotional challenges. In the process, they earn an EQ (like IQ but for emotions) certification. With companies and educational institutions increasingly looking for socially aware and competent employees and students, such a certification can serve as a meaningful differentiator on a resume. Learn more.

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An evidence-based platform

ThinkHumanTV was designed and built with support from the National Science Foundation by cognitive scientists from Columbia, Stanford and UPenn based on decades of psychology and learning research. It employs a methodology called Deep Emotion Learning that emphasizes the mastery of emotion science principles. Multiple studies have shown that 2 weeks of using the platform can lead to significant improvements in emotion management and emotional self-confidence.

Learn More.

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Real world rewards to
keep students coming back

In addition to awarding an EQ certification, ThinkHumanTV offers additional incentives to keep students engaged, including the ability to earn rewards redeemable for products and services from brands like Adidas, Spotify, Patagonia, Whole Foods, iTunes and more. Rewards can be earned through consistent engagement and high scores on training modules.

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