Higher Education

ThinkHuman.tv can help boost college students’ emotional literacy and wellness, contributing to reduced stress, improved academics and increased graduation rates.

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Meet Students Where They Are

A typical college student spends an average of 1-2 hours a day watching streaming content online. 

ThinkHuman.tv is the first and only platform that meets young people where they are by integrating directly with must-see movies and series like Pixar’s “Soul”, “The Queen’s Gambit” and “Star Wars” on streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+ to deliver emotional skills training.

$1 of Prevention is worth $10 of Treatment

Research associates increases in emotional knowledge and skills with: 

  • Reduced anxiety, depression, and substance misuse

  • Improved academics and higher graduation rates

  • Better health, personal and professional outcomes over the lifespan

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An Integrated, Interactive Experience

By integrating directly with streaming sites, ThinkHuman.tv can effectively foster skills like reflection and perspective-taking by enabling viewers
apply those skills

Training Grounded in Emotion Science

ThinkHuman.tv helps users understand fundamental emotion science principles such as appraisal, which supports emotional flexibility and resilience across situations.

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An Evidence Based Solution

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A Growing, Diverse, and Culturally Responsive Library

By leveraging the extensive selection of titles available on streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+, ThinkHuman training can be truly culturally responsive, ensuring that all students can find content with which they can authentically engage. 

Jane the Virgin

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Dear White People




Sex Education


Never Have
I Ever

Schitt's Creek

When They See Us

The Incredibles

Black Mirror

The Avengers

Cobra Kai

Stranger Things

Freedom of Choice 
for Learners

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  • ThinkHuman.tv allows learners to watch any supported content in any order while seamlessly progressing through an emotion science training program

  • Mode of engagement (faster or slower) controlled by learner

What Learners, Parents,
& Educators
are Saying

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These past two weeks have made me aware of my own emotional response and now I have words to describe them! I've started noticing the emotional response of my roommates in our daily interactions as well.

- Sitara, 25, Grad Student

It helped me gain more awareness about the emotional processes others might be going through and their coping mechanisms.

- Danielle, 27, Grad Student

[The] online and engaging format make it the perfect resource for students at home.

- Allie B, Professor, CUNY


of parents wanted a
service like ThinkHuman
to be available
their kids’ 

Greater Academic and Career Preparedness

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Transitions from high school to college and from college to the workforce are often psychologically challenging. ThinkHuman.tv helps build a foundation of emotional knowledge and skills that make students more adaptive and resilient in meeting these and other challenges. 


And the best part is, it all happens while watching Netflix and Disney+ .

EQ Certification

ThinkHuman.tv enables users
to earn an EQ certification.


Such a certification can augment
a resume as companies and educational institutions are increasingly looking for socially aware and competent
employees and students.


Motivation + Positive Impact 

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ThinkHuman.tv has partnered with PIPs Rewards, a social good currency platform, to help engage and reward learners.

Positive Impact Points (or PIPs) can be awarded to learners who complete ThinkHuman training tasks and other beneficial actions. 

PIPs can be saved up and used to unlock scholarship grants or redeemed for products and services from socially responsible businesses.