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Higher EQ is like a smaller carbon footprint: it’s good for you AND the world

ThinkHumanTV helps improve fundamental emotional skills that translate to a variety of contexts. 

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Remember the Breakfast Club? High school and college can be highly stressful both socially and academically. Improved emotional flexibility and resilience can help students manage emotional challenges, boost academic performance, reduce the likelihood of substance misuse and other risky behavior, and increase the chances of graduation.

Suggested titles:
Never Have I Ever, Cobra Kai, Dear White People

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Whether we are looking for a new relationship or working to maintain an existing one, emotional awareness, empathy, and self-regulation are essential. None of us want to end up as the leads in Fatal Attraction! 

Suggested titles:

Jane the Virgin, Sex Education, The Crown, 10 Things I Hate About You

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To achieve our goals while maintaining our health, we need to know how to take care of our emotional needs. Emotional literacy and effective emotion management can help us reduce stress, make healthy decisions, and protect our mental and physical wellbeing when faced with life's challenges.

Suggested titles:
The Queen's Gambit, Dear White People, Orange Is The New Black

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Tolstoy said every family is unhappy in its own way. He was probably right, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! Better emotional literacy, awareness, and perspective-taking can help parents and kids, partners, and siblings manage their conflicts and disagreements more amicably and effectively, producing happier and more harmonious families. 

Suggested titles:
Moana, The Incredibles, Schitt’s Creek, The Crown, When They See Us

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Our workplace can put a lot of demands on us. Just think of Glengarry GlenRoss. Greater empathy, self-awareness and emotion regulation facilitate better 
decision-making and teamwork, 
more effective leadership, and more successful stress management.

Suggested titles:

Grey’s Anatomy, The Crown, Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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