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Using ThinkHumanTV as Homework

Overview: In this method, ThinkHumanTV is used primarily outside class, with students going through training modules while watching streaming content after school. In-class discussions and group activities serve to solidify learning. 

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Recommended grade levels: 9-12


Reminder: Please schedule an onboarding call with a ThinkHumanTV team member (IT’S FREE) to get set up with an educator account, and get all the features and benefits of the platform.


  • Consider introducing ThinkHumanTV in class, and taking time to have students sign up to ensure everyone is correctly set up (see how to provide student access). Doing so has been shown to increase the rate of engagement and assignment completion.

  • Note: Having the assignment count toward students' grades tends to increase engagement. However, we highly recommend only considering assignment completion rather than students' performance on the modules or activities.



  • Decide whether you want all students to watch the same content, or whether they'll have a choice between different movies and shows.

    • Note that even if students watch different movies and shows, they can still complete the same emotion science lessons (see Media Selection usage tip).

  • When assigning ThinkHumanTV as homework, identify the modules students are asked to complete (e.g. 1-2 modules per week).

    • Note: one module can usually be completed while watching a half hour of content.

  • You can monitor class engagement and progress via the class analytics dashboard on the ThinkHumanTV website (see how).

  • After students have completed a given module or set of modules, you can make use of the ThinkHumanTV educator guide to facilitate in-class discussion and activities related to the covered concepts See how to access the educator guide


When the class has completed the training curriculum, you can continue to assign Ongoing Practice modules. This provides an opportunity to practice covered concepts with new content and to continue engaging in class discussions and activities to deepen learning.

Your school might also consider using ThinkHumanTV as a summer SEL assignment. Get in touch with us to learn more about this option or if you have other questions.

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