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How to Enable Students to Access ThinkHumanTV

To use ThinkHumanTV, students must have a class group to join. In some cases, the class may be created for you when you sign up. Otherwise, you will want to create your class group(s) yourself after signing up.

To do so, you will use the 'Add Class/Group' functionality on the dashboard.

Once your class group is created, students will usually be able to access the platform simply by signing up with their school emails. (If you are using a trial or free account, and your school is not yet fully set up, students may need to select their school during onboarding).

If we support single sign-on for your school, students will be automatically added to your class group when they sign up. Otherwise, they will be able to choose their classroom when signing up. 

Note that if you wish students to be able to access the full ThinkHumanTV training program, you will need to subscribe to an Educator Plus plan or have such an plan provided by your school. Get in touch with us or schedule a demo to learn more.

If you already have an educator plan, please schedule an onboarding call so we can help get you set up.

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