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Multiple User Profiles and Progress Syncing

This article is most relevant for educators who teach more than one class/group, or are using ThinkHumanTV in class while also assigning it to students to use independently, for instance as homework.

If you are an educator/instructor and have one or more associated classes/groups, you will automatically have user profiles with names that match the names of your class(es). 

When switching to Training Mode in the ThinkHumanTV browser extension, you will be prompted to choose your profile. 

profile selection.png

If you select a profile associated with a class/group, the progress you make in the curriculum by completing modules will only be reflected for that profile. This is useful when you are working with multiple classes, and make different levels of progress in those classes.

The progress you make in a given group profile will also be reflected for individual group members. For example, suppose you complete Module 1 while having a class/group profile selected. When learners who are part of that class/group log into their individual ThinkHumanTV accounts, they will see Module 1 as complete and will automatically progress to Module 2. 

If you don't want such progress syncing to occur, for instance if you just want to preview a module to prepare for a class session, you will want to select your own (default) profile, which will usually have your name. 

At the same time, if class/group members complete a module (for example as homework), you may want this progress to be reflected in the group profile, so you're in the right place in the curriculum. In this case, you may choose to manually mark modules as completed for that profile. You can do so by first selecting the profile, and then clicking on the title of the current unit in the browser extension and clicking 'Mark as Complete.' This will complete the current module and take you to the next module. 

mark as complete.png

See the Support or the FAQ pages for answers to other questions. Get in touch with us if you need additional support.

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